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Countering the Jew and why the solution must come from within


The picture above needs no explanation or analysis. Those visiting this site already know what it represents. To normies it embodies ‘xenophobia’ and ‘anti-Semitism’ but to the racially conscious European it serves as an unsavoury reminder of the grave threat posed to his people. The threat of total annihilation at the hand of our eternal enemy, the supremacist Jew. To him all the goyim are equal, to him we are cattle and he is the farmer, we are the slave and he is the master. The supremacist Jew has made us impotent, apathetic and dispassionate, stripped us of our glorious heritage and turned us into consumerist shells. He controls our banks, our media, our academics, our lives. His perfidious web extends over all of mother Europa. His nefarious ways have decimated our fabric and spirit. Often white nationalists get together to ponder a solution to this human virus and leave the room more disheartened and hopeless than before they entered. That’s because we quickly turned to convention. Politics, protests, demonstrations… As the Jew tightens his pernicious grip on the legality of white nations, turning the ultimate facilitator of civil discourse into a thoughtless police state, these methods will bear no fruit. It’s as simple as that. He’ll hackle you, he’ll blackball you and he’ll arrest you. He has the law on his side. The solution must come from deep. I ask each European to look at himself, close his eyes and access the innermost chasms of his soul. Awaken his ethnic passion. Cultivate his instincts. Forget the consumerist programming and become one with nature again. View the Jew as competition. As a rival species. To simply view him as your enemy is not enough. Channel all the urges, proclivities and desires that evolution has imbued you with, turn them on the Jew and watch him disintegrate. Watch him combust with terror. Because what our Semitic adversary fears even more than any glimpse of unity, is the reawakening of the white spirit, the spirit that binds all Europeans, whether you’re a Nord, an Irishman or a Slav. Our commonalities outweigh our discrepancies, be it genetically, socially or spiritually. Once the external solutions become infused with the energy of the collective European spirit, we will succeed. We will blow the Jew away and rid our people of his diabolical presence. Our men and women must free themselves of Jewish Marxism and become one. One person. One race. One goal. The preservation of White European genetics and culture must come before all else.

White men:

1) Hit the gym. Hit it with vigour and determination. Become lean and strong. Become formidable. Reconnect with your masculinity

2) Become clever and resourceful. Read books and connect ideas, turning the knowledge into a proverbial cannon to blow your enemies away.

3) Get rid of porn, get rid of tabloid journalism, get rid of your TV if you have to. Emancipate yourself from anything you feel is shackling you mentally.

4) Look at your women with respect again, free yourself from MTV bogus that promotes promiscuity and numerous conquests and view her as a partner again, view her as something worth preserving. The yin to your yang.

White women:

1) Become one with your femininity again. Forget the Marxist nonsense. Cultivate your maternal instinct and don’t be ashamed of your need to be protected and feel secure.

2) Take pride in your appearance. Have respect for yourself. Forget the plastic ideals promulgated by the Jews on TV. Be natural. Be you. And be confident

3) Be complementary to your man, be the sheath to his sword and the bow to his arrows. Support him. Respect him. Help him grow and he will reciprocate.

4) Have children. Forget the lies. Forget the brain pollution. Forget about being a corporate zombie tied to a desk. Do what you’re programmed to do: sow progeny.

This is a message to all European men and women. Wake up now. Fight now. Collaborate now. You will be part of something beautiful later on.

Fiery Realism

The Evolutionary Basis of Racism and why we need to recapture the competitive drive.


What is competition?

Competition is ubiquitous across the planet. Competition between different species, competition between the same species, intersexual competition. Sports. Music. Politics. Competition manifests itself in an absolute litany of forms but at the basest level, it is ultimately driven by the need to survive and propagate one’s genetics at the expense of a rival. Most people in today’s secular technocracy, whatever their mindset and interests, have little trouble accepting evolution and the competition which drives it.

However, there is one form of intergroup competition that no one is allowed to cite without repercussion from the leftist academic world: racial competition. Racial competition is the worst kept secret in the world. It has existed for well over 6 millennia and has manifested itself in a multitude of ways. So what is racial competition specifically and why does it occur?

Racial competition is basically another form of intergroup competition. A quick scan over the books of human history and one will find a perpetual timeline of slaughter, rape, conquest and utter domination of humans over other humans. It’s happened to us all. The European’s suffered under the rule of the Moors in the south of the continent, the Taiwanese, Indonesians and the like laboured under the intolerant and ruthless Japanese imperialism and the Amerinds were swiftly conquered by the European settlers after an unremitting series of battles beginning in the 16th century and lasting until well into the 19th. Competition for food, water, territory and other necessities is what drives these wars. Full stop. Tribal wars in Africa (which still continue to this day) are another form of competition, between members of the same race. The British, French and Spanish perhaps spent more time arguing and battling each other in a series of land and naval skirmishes than they even did with other races disparate to themselves.

Whites were racist towards blacks, black supremacist groups such as Black Lives Matter are racist towards whites. Chinese hate Japanese. Koreans hate Japanese and Japanese hate Koreans. That’s the way it should be. Racism captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit. Everyone secretly hates people different to themselves but in today’s toffee-nosed, mocha-latte liberal cesspool of a society, we have to masquerade as feeling the opposite and for white people in particular ITS LITERALLY KILLING US!! The slew of sex, terrorist and sexual terrorist attacks by low IQ savages and the like is only happening because modern white men are pathetic. Infested with the cerebral toxin that is liberalism, we have allowed these cretins to assault, degrade and terrify our women and children across the continent. The Hero of Belgium, as great as that right hook was (and it was great!) in all honesty he shouldn’t have received  such a jubilant reaction and the fact that he did shows you how vanilla today’s society is. Why? Because that should be seen as normal. Fighting cucks and traitors who want to destroy your homeland and your kin is NORMAL. Punching a fat donut holding a multicoloured eyesore is NORMAL. Defending our women is NORMAL. Fighting anyone who threatens our VERY EXISTENCE as a people and as race is NORMAL.

Whether it’s the extra cream at Costa or the lemon-mint shower gels, white European men as a group just aren’t as tough as they used to be. White men need to look into the mirror and think of what their ancestors would do. How would Charles the Hammer react if he was alive today? How would Vlad the Impaler act? Napoleon? Alexander the Great? The answer is obvious. They would mangle these invaders and feel nothing, nothing but the passion and self-satisfaction that comes with defending your people!! These invading Arab men are strong, fit and most likely have military service behind them whereas white men, for the most part, are lagging behind in every facet of masculinity. Any and all races and peoples feel this inherent satisfaction from loving your own. Malcolm X felt it. I respect him more than that communist phoney MLK because at least he was HONEST and articulated his dislike very well. He was honest to himself and to his evolutionary programming. He hated whites and they hated him. Brilliant. Marvellous. That’s the way it should be. That’s how humanity evolves and progresses. Selection. Quarrel. War. Competition.

Whites are the only race who are, relatively speaking, currently devoid of self-preservation, devoid of love for our people, devoid of anything but mindless pursuits of material good and meaningless consumption of bog standard television. We need to capture the adventurous streak and evolutionary spirit which made us great. We need to recapture our whiteness.

Fiery Realism.



European Survival Guide: Our four biggest enemies

imageThe history of the White European is broad, vast and utterly spendiferious. From the superb intellectual renaissance of Ancient Greece to the ruthless might of the Roman Republic and beyond, the White Race has been perhaps the chief reason behind humanity’s evolution from insect hunting, barbaric primitives to the all encompassing cerebral behemoth of modern times. However, despite the ceaseless plethora of white achievement and innovation which still continues to this today, we have had four major obstacles which have (AND STILL DO!!) posed a major threat to not only our civilisation and culture, but our very existence in itself. Informing our more politically obsequious whites of these obstacles can be arduous and one is likely to be met with ‘dahs racissss!!!’ at any attempt to do so. So for all those who wish to spread the message in perhaps a more rudimentary way, as to make it easier for our brethren to absorb and thus become racially aware, here they are, in no particular order:

1) Black people

Black people, in my opinion, are perhaps the least threatening of the four enemies described below when considering the overall context of our current plight as white people, for the sole reason that another one of our (((enemies))) has completely annihilated them as an overall threat to begin with (mainly in the context of America). However, they are still a big threat and as outlined by the DOJ statistics, between 1980 and 2008, young black males between 16-32 years of age (3% of US pop) committed 47% of homicides in the United States. A truly shocking figure given how relatively small they are as a proportion to the overall demographic of the country. Black males also rape on average 25,000-30,000 white females annually, again according to the US DOJ crime statistics, which is horrifying quite frankly, given how precious the wombs of our white women are to our passionate cause in the long run. Also, as cited by the FBI statistics of 2007, black males were 8 times as likely to assault a white than the reverse. What about that? Not quite in tune with the bogus narrative that Shekels TV churns out on a daily basis? The super tribe, while having destroyed the black family with the welfare state and effectively eradicated any semblance of black unity with the nauseating auditory poison that is gangster rap (which has undoubtedly contributed to the 90% black on black crime rate), still maintain some use for them. For one, they stir the cauldron of anti-white hatred in the black community with Hollywood specials such as ’12 years a slave’ and ‘Django Unchained’ along with the brain pollution that seeps from the coercive liberal classes which have perforated a once fine US education system. As a result of Zionist manipulation combined with their almost inherent love of mindless bloodshed, the young black male remains a threat to the existence of whites, especially in the US.

2) Muslims

Innately, as a political and religious ideology, Islam is incompatible with the Western civilisation concocted by White Christians. Stoning women to death FOR BEING RAPED (Pakistan, Saudi Arabia) is not exactly something that would pop up in democratic doctrine and neither is helping yourself to young boys in order to assuage any sexual deviant urges (Afghanistan: ‘Dancing Boys’ tradition). In Saudi Arabia, women are also persecuted for driving. DRIVING. As if the ludicrousness could become any more apparent. While there is a planet of cultural disparity between Islam and the West, the actions of the West’s Kosher foreign policy hasn’t exactly helped to alleviate said disparity. A cancerous foreign policy, which consists of  monotonously blitzing Arabs for Israel in order to usher in their sinister ‘Greater Israel’ plan, which mandates that Israel should extend from the Nile to the Euphrates river in Iraq (for another time). This incessant violence against the Muslim world has made them mad. Oh very mad indeed. Combine this seething madness with the fact that they have historically tried and tried and tried again to conquer Mother Europa, you have a cocktail of utter doom that has resulted in a slew of terror attacks across the continent of Europe, ranging from stabbings in Germany and London to a lunatic driving a bus over white people in Nice. Muslims, while eager to conquer Whites and Europe in the name of that arsehole Muhammad and his imaginary friend Allah, are being used as biological weapons by the Jews to subvert us and breed out of existence. The migrant wave that has swept through Europe (aided by the nefarious diversity scam promoted by Jacob and Shlomo) threatens to vanquish the beautiful cohesiveness the European states enjoy. Vigilant whites will have noticed that the narrative has shifted from ‘refugees’ to ‘migrants’ without anyone batting an eyelid (crafty bastards). The hordes of sub-human waste flooding into Europe from the third world is 75% fighting age male (as per UN statistics), which is a recipe for disaster. Take Sweden, which has worryingly taken in 150,000 Muslim refugees despite having a population of a mere 9.5 million. That will result in demographic genocide of the native Swedes, especially if one accounts for the pernicious influence of feminism and the almost viral Muslim birthrate. Barbara Spectre must be stuffing her Kosher in delight. Muslims are probably the third largest threat to whites out of this four but like most of the threats to our beautiful people they are mainly pawns in the grand game and alone they don’t have the IQ to beat us.

3) Jews

Jews. Jews. Jews. Where the hell do I start. Think of every problem the White race has today, from birth rates to obesity, from censorship to suicide. 99% can be traced back to this human virus. While I hate the Jew with a passion so hot it would melt my ice lolly, I find them intriguing in some ways. I mean for one, what the fuck are they? Are they black? White? Green? Where did their bill hooks originate? The Jew is a fucking anomaly, plain and simple. An abominable clusterfuck of every race combined. They are also the only people on the globe to have an ethnicity synonymous with their religion, both ‘Jew’. Anyway, enough babble. From feminism to usury, the Jew has launched a seemingly ceaseless assault on every aspect of our culture and identity. The once inspiring white traditional family has been annihilated by the Marxist toxin that is feminism. Repugnant, foul beasts like Sarah Silverman, Gloria Steinem and Betty Freidan have made the nuclear family sound like some sort of ‘oppressive construct’ when it’s really how men and women naturally structure their procreation. That structure has been successful I’d say, given how it’s essentially the bedrock of civilisation. Well goodbye to that. If one went by Hollywood you’d think being a promiscuous queer living with other degenerates is how a family should be (Modern Family for one) and that being a vapid, coal-burning whore from hell is the ideal behaviour for a white woman (Kim Kardashian). As we know, race mixing is big on the Jewish agenda for the destruction of the White race, from Ice to Coco to Becky and Bonobo, blonde gals and black men together are plastered everywhere across Hollywood and MTV. The Jews want to dilute our gene pool to make us easier to control, lowering our IQ and more importantly our ability to organise and mount some sort of front against their tyranny. It’s also a means of directing the anger of well meaning white males towards blacks, further consolidating and cultivating the chances of a race war while the elite Jews loot the treasury and strangle our middle class. The Jew has also deconstructed our once strong and proud identity, telling us we’re a construct and an aberration while promoting racial consciousness amongst his own filthy kin. As a result of decades of this neurological poison and more, the average White male is nothing more than a feminised, whimpering buffoon and the average white female is an abhorrent slut who thinks letting DeQuan pound her is empowering and ‘anti-waycist’. Shocking stuff. Truth be told I could write 35 paragraphs on the Jews but that would be boring and my whiskey is getting warm. All the white male (with actual balls) needs to know is that the Jew is by far our biggest enemy…. Or is he? Dun… Dun…. Dun……. Ok that wasn’t funny, onto the next.

4) Ourselves

Yes. I know what you’re thinking. ‘Fiery, how many glasses have you had!!’. But no matter how much you deny it you know it’s true. The biggest enemy the White race has is ourselves, or more specifically, our almost pathological level of altruism. The Jew may have convinced us that we need to babysit the third world but why did we listen to him? When he managed to convince us to pander to blacks and view them as eternal victims why did we listen? When he made us feel bad for a bullshit Holocaust while 30 million of us had just been slaughtered in the decades prior, why did we listen? Our ancestors knew what the Jew was about, from the Spanish Inquistion to King Edward and even to NS Germany for a more modern example. But it seems that there is a propensity within the White race for needless and self-destructive compassion. It’s frustrating for wakened whites because we know that even if we possessed a semblance of the Jew’s self-preservation the Jew himself would be a blip. We would’ve annihilated his Kosher ass a millennia ago but instead we pander to him while he tells us to hate ourselves and teaches our women to bang blacks. We need to become more ruthless. We need to learn to finish the fucking job. No apologies. No regrets. Ruthlessness and self-preservation in the face of adversity. Imagine we combined those two with our creativity, looks and industrial ambition. Now that’s a fucking master race. We have to work on not only strategy but also on ourselves. That’s when the true transformation will take place.

– Fiery Realism